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Research Results

Chia-Ming Yang

Research Interests


Liann-Be Chang

Research Interests

   Solar Cell/  Optoelectronics/  Microwave Devices/ IEMI

Gwo-Mei Wu

Research Interests

   Materials ScienceElectro-optical Semiconductors

   Electrochemical CellsSolar Cell Technology

Journal paper

  1. G.M. Wu*, A.K. Sahoo, Influence of oxygen flow rate on channel width dependent electrical properties of indium gallium zinc oxide thin-film transistors, Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 2357 (SCI)
  2. L.B. Chang, C.C. Tseng, J.H. Lee, G.M. Wu*, M.J. Jeng, W.S. Feng, D.W. Chen, L.C. Chen, K.L. Lee, E. Popko, L. Jacak, K. Gwozdz, Preparation and characterization of MoSe2/CH3NH3PbI3/ PMMA perovskite solar cells using polyethylene glycol solution, Vacuum 2020, 178, 109441 (SCI)
  3. C.C. Tseng, L.C. Chen*, L.B. Chang, G.M. Wu, W.S. Feng, M.J. Jeng, D.W. Chen, K.L. Lee, Cu2O-HTM/SiO2-ETM assisted for synthesis engineering improving efficiency and stability with heterojunction planar perovskite thin-film solar cells, Solar Energy 2020, 204, 270 (SCI)
  4. C.C. Tseng, G.M. Wu*, L.B. Chang, M.J. Jeng, W.S. Feng, D.W. Chen, L.C. Chen, K.L. Lee, Effects of annealing on characteristics of Cu2ZnSnSe4/CH3NH3PbI3/ZnS/IZO nanostructures for enhanced photovoltaic solar cells, Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 521 (SCI)
  5. G.M. Wu*, F.C. Kung, C.Y. Lee, Study of fabrication and characterization of high power 850 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays, Surf. Coat. Tech. 2020, 387, 125489 (SCI)

Tzer-En Nee

Research Interests

   Tzer-En Nee is Professor of Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical

   Engineering, Chang Gung University. His current research focuses on

   group theory and its application to the quantum electronics and


Journal paper

  1. Jui-Ju Hsiao,Yi-Jen Huang,Hung-Ing Chen,Joe-Air Jiang,Jen-Cheng Wang,Ya-

Fen Wu,Tzer-En Nee, Intensive measures of luminescence in GaN/InGaN heterostructures, PLoS ONE 14(9) (2019) e0222928.

Nai-Chuan Chen

Research Interests

   Others- semiconductor light source, compound semiconductor

Tsung-Wen Chang

Research Interests

   Optical system design, optical lighting system design and photonic

   crystal simulation

Chih-Jen Yu

Research Interests

   My research interests include optical metrology, metasurface,

   polarimetry, heterodyne interferometry and ellipsometry.

Journal paper

  1. C. Y. Yu, Q. C. Zeng, C. J. Yu, C. Y. Han, C. M. Wang, Scattering Analysis and Efficiency Optimization of Dielectric Pancharatnam–Berry-Phase Metasurfaces, Nanomaterials 11(3), (2021) 586.
  2. Chih-Jen Yu, Haw-Min Lin, and Kai-Qun Peng, Elimination of polarization effect in a fiber-optic gyro by using polarization elements, Optical and Quantum Electronics 52 (2), (2020) 104.
  3. Chih-Jen Yu, Haw-Min Lin, Kai-Qun Peng, Calibration of a simple heterodyne interferometric ellipsometer, Optics Communications, 439, (2019) 244-250.
  4. Yu-Li Hsieh, Wen-Shao Chen, Liann-Be Chang, Lee Chow, Samuel Borges, Alfons Schulte, Shiang-Fu Huang, Ming-Jer Jeng, Chih-Jen Yu, Deep etched gallium nitride waveguide for Raman spectroscopic applications, Crystals 9(3), (2019, Mar) 176.
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